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Mongrel Nation

In July and August 2013, ABC Radio National will be airing Mongrel Nation. Written and presented by Tim Soutphommasane, it tells the story of Australian multiculturalism - the good and the bad. Over six episodes, Mongrel Nation takes listeners through the history of immigration, the Australian model of integration, and contemporary debates about racism, population growth, asylum seekers and the Asian Century. The series features interviews with former and current politicians, academics, commentators, writers and community leaders, including Malcolm Fraser, Penny Wong, Philip Ruddock, George Megalogenis, Rebecca Huntley, Tim Harcourt, David Malouf, Benjamin Law, Alice Pung, Bernard Salt, and Hieu Van Le.

Mongrel Nation begins Sunday 14 July 5.30pm on ABC RN. You can stream and download episodes here.

Here's an interview on RN Breakfast previewing the series.

Episode previews

Episode One: The life and times of Australian multiculturalism
Episode Two: Multiculturalism, the Australian way